Arts, Audio/Video, Technology, & Communication

Video Technology

​Digital Media Arts

Students in the Digital Media Arts course will receive hands-on experience in the areas of audio and video production, broadcasting, digital cinema (film), and emerging media. Using industry-standard software and technology, students plan and complete a variety of projects focusing on all aspects of the production process, while learning from professionals who are still active in the broadcasting industry. Students will also develop teamwork and employability skills. At the conclusion of this one-year course, students will have a portfolio of work to showcase as they apply for the advanced program or look for entry-level employment.

Digital Media Arts – Advanced Studies

This is an advanced studies course open to returning Digital Media Arts seniors. This course enables specialization in sound and film production. Sound production includes recording, producing, and mastering original content for scoring films or mass distribution, along with close analysis of the music recording industry. Film production includes advanced cinematography, editing, special effects, and promotional design. Students have access to industry standard equipment and software, and create professional websites to host their portfolios.

Visual Digital Communications

Students in this entry level course study at least four areas of the visual arts, including: drawing, photography, graphic design, and motion (video or animation). Students learn to plan, express, and interpret ideas to visually solve a client driven problem. This class offers college credit opportunities.

Visual Digital Communications – Advanced Studies

This advanced studies class is open only to returning seniors who have completed the junior year in Visual Digital Communications. This course is an in-depth study of advanced image making and artistic manipulation using digital photography and photo editing programs. Students will explore many career paths such as photojournalism and commercial photography. They will develop a substantial portfolio of personal work for college admission and scholarship review. This class offers college credit opportunities.

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