Human Services

Human Services

Cosmetology I

This basic cosmetology program is designed for juniors, and prepares them with foundational knowledge and necessary skills to prepare them for Cosmetology II. Students must complete 350 hours of basic training in theory and practical skills. Students will learn the basics of hairstyling, hair care, skin care, and nail services. Students may be required to participate on weekends, evenings, and/or during the summer to complete the number of hours required to be accepted into Cosmetology II.

Cosmetology II

This advanced cosmetology program is designed to provide students with hands-on experience in a cosmetology salon. Students in advanced cosmetology will continue to develop their knowledge (theory) and practical skills, while learning customer care, communication skills, and the know-how of running a salon business. Students in this program will be required to participate in evening, weekend, and summer sessions in order to obtain the 1,500 hours necessary to test for their state license of cosmetology.

Contact your high school counselor to apply!