Information Technology

Information Technology

Computer Hardware Technician

In this course, students will focus on installing, configuring, upgrading, diagnosing, and repairing personal computers. Students will also learn how to build their own PC, as well as how to maintain, troubleshoot, and repair personal computers. The class will focus on obtaining the CompTIA A+ and Strata certifications. The CompTIA A+ certification is recognized as the information technology industry’s entry level certification.

Computer Hardware – Networking and Support

In this second-year program, students will gain the necessary knowledge to become CompTIA Net+ certified, and will also have the opportunity to take the onsite certification during the school year. In today’s electronic world, whether it’s business, gaming, mobile computing or social networking, they all rely on one thing, the reliability and interaction of networks. Throughout the course of the year, students will learn computer networking and complete projects that focus on routine maintenance, customer service, help desk, and front line support skills.

Intro to 3D Game Programming

This one-year course explores a revolutionary approach to programming by creating 3-D video games with an application based programming concept. This introductory course exposes students to object-oriented programming, and teaches fundamental programming concepts through the context of video games. Student will create programs to animate objects in a 3-D virtual world.

Web Design Programming and Animation

In this course, students explore the world of web design, animation, and graphic design, which are all incorporated into the development of web pages. They will learn how to use the many software programs in the Adobe CS suite to significantly enhance web pages. Students will also learn to build websites using HTML, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Photoshop. The class will focus on Certified Internet Webmaster curriculum.