Health Science

Emergency Medical Concepts (EMC)*

  • Work alongside industry professionals providing medical assistance in simulated emergencies.

  • Practice Basic Life Support and CPR

  • Increase comprehension of medical terminology and anatomy

  • Treat traumas by using techniques for back-boarding, splinting, and give immediate care for wounds or ailments

Advanced studies in Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for second-year students include observing in a hospital emergency room, and other clinical situations, assessing patients, managing airways, using a defibrillator, learning legal and ethical issues, and evaluating an emergency scene. Students may be eligible to take the National Esterification exam. Students from Public Safety, Forensic Science or Emergency Medical Concepts, will have the opportunity to participate in the Fire Academy.

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Forensic Science*

  • Solve crimes using the scientific problem-solving method, industry technology, and safe operating procedures

  • Investigate and process crime scenes, analyze physical evidence, and perform chemical laboratory experiments

Advanced studies in Forensic Science for second-year students include car accident reconstruction, arson investigation, bioterrorism defense, biomedical and scientific research, chemistry, toxicology, advanced pathology and DNA analysis, and environmental forensics. Students from Public Safety, Forensic Science or Emergency Medical Concepts, will have the opportunity to participate in the Fire Academy.

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Medical Assistant

  • Take patient medical history, vital signs, and perform other tasks required in a healthcare office environment

  • Increase comprehension of medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology

  • Earn certifications in CPR, HIPAA, and OSHA

Advanced studies in Medical Assistant for second-year students include working alongside professionals in a clinical experience, administering medications and practicing taking blood samples, performing electrocardiograms, practicing insurance medical billing, and exploring legal and ethical issues. Students may be eligible to take the Medical Assistant Registry exam.

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Medical Career Foundations (MCF)*

  • Practice taking vital signs and increase comprehension of medical terminology, anatomy, and emergency procedures

  • Work alongside healthcare professionals at local hospitals gaining clinical experience

  • Contribute to team building and community service activities

Advanced studies in Nursing for second-year students include a focus on CNA or Patient Care Technician certification. Work alongside professionals in clinical settings at long term healthcare facilities in Genesee County, and prepare for college nursing programs through advanced studies of pharmacology, nutrition, Craniotomy, and physiology.

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Sports Medicine*

  • Evaluate athletic injuries, provide immediate medical attention, and perform physical therapy exercises with patients

  • Increase comprehension of human anatomy, with a focus on joints, muscles, common injuries, and rehabilitation

Advanced studies in Sports Medicine for second-year students include collaboration with other GCI programs to develop individual workouts and gain experience toward a Physical Trainer Certification.

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*Indicates a program that is included in the Genesee County Career and Technical Education Early Middle College (GC CTE EMC) as a program option.

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