Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security

Public Safety and Homeland Security

  • Work with current and former police officers to perform traffic stops, learn to cuff and take down unruly suspects
  • Maneuver as a team to defeat terrorists, search campus for perpetrators, and expand knowledge of the law
  • Visit a 911 call center and the county jail, and participate in a student organization, traveling for competitions
  • Get a head-start by earning college credit recognized by multiple colleges and universities
  • Develop marketable skills for immediate employment, and earn industry recognized certifications

Junior completers may return for a senior year of advanced studies with internship placement.

Public Safety and Homeland Security – Advanced Studies

This program is for second year students only.

  • Perform tactical building searches, conduct felony traffic stop scenarios, and investigate crime scenes
  • Explore the juvenile justice system, offender classifications, and role play in county-wide disaster training
  • Work alongside professional law enforcement personnel, gaining months of valuable experience and insights
  • Get a head-start by earning college credit recognized by several colleges and universities
  • Enhance marketable skills that employers desire, and earn/update industry recognized certifications

Contact your high school counselor to apply!